hi, i’m star-lord. i’m with the guardians of the galaxy. i’d flash you my business card but my hands are too full of guns


COMIC BOOK MEME 2/5 favourite male characters: Tommy Shepherd (Speed)

I don’t have feelings and I don’t hold hands.


Tommy Shepherd - Speed


___ or ___?

stevebuckey asked: thor or bruce banner?

Waves are but water. Wind but air. And though lightning be fire…yet it must answer thunder’s call.


   Favorite Fictional Females [my endless personal collection]
             Katherine Anne Pryde → Marvel Comics


The god of thunder smiles

Anonymous asked:
What's Daredevil's #9 (1998) name? Because from #1 to #8 the story arc is guardian devl. but then I couldn't find any more comics

Murdock’s Law