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so ive read that jane is going to end up as a princess of asgard for a bit

but also that thor and sifs relationship is going to get looked into

omg wait i had a point to this but everyone hold the fuck up this is important and spoilery MY BRAIN HAD AN IDEA

is this going to be like in the comics when jane was granted immortality then odin was like HAHA NO and took it away from her???? and sends her back to earth with no memory of thor or asgard????? AND THEN THOR AND SIF GET IT ON???




  1. mntparnasse-archive said: i like jane but u gh yes i need more thor/sif pLEASE
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  4. vibrathor said: that would make sense, especially for Natalie, since she apparently doesn’t want to be a part of MCU anyway
  5. clairerandall said: omg PLEASE
  6. shroudedinfrost said: yes good
  7. siege-loki-problems said: We can only hope.
  8. madhatt said: oh god yesss, now i need Odin to throw Jane out in a film sooo muuuuch
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  10. creepingmonsterism said: Agreed, except no amnesia please. I’ve had enough of that kind of crap from Doctor Who.
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